From almost exactly a year ago: a post on Andrew Sullivan’s blog about Obama. Sullivan is a conservative, but even in the early days of the Obama campaign he was seeing that something fresh and needed was coming.

And today, it’s looking like Obama will be able to claim the majority of delegates in the Democratic primary and the word is that Clinton will wind down her campaign and acknowledge him as the presumptive nominee. Either of these candidates would have been history-making as a Presidential candidate for who they are, a woman and an African-American, and they are both super-human in what they have gone through and survived over the past months. I have no idea how they have done it, or how exhausted they must be.

Tonight Obama is appearing in the Twin Cities – specifically in the Excel Energy Center in St. Paul, where the Republican party will have their convention in a couple of months – an act of considerable chutzpa seeing as when the schedule was announced late last week the final pieces of the campaign (decisions on the Florida and Michigan pseudo-primaries; the final primaries today in South Dakota and Montana; and today’s flood of super-delegates) hadn’t fallen into place. Unfortunately I’m not able to go, but I would hope that there will be other rallies here. My feeling is that even if you’re not for him, this is quite a moment in history.

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