gourmet baby

Dara seems to have decided that being almost 8 months old means that she can eat grown up food all the time, or at least when grown ups are eating (she still is very happy with baby food when we’re not eating too). So on Saturday she tried and really enjoyed a little roast chicken and a lot of roasted parsnips, on Sunday she ate loads of aromatically flavored couscous, and tonight she had a whole lot of pasta with pesto (although now I’m typing this I’m realizing that the pine nuts in the pesto may not have been ideal from an allergy point of view, but balance that against developing her palate).

She’s also following in her brother’s footsteps by enjoying some banana before bed. Toby has eaten a banana before retiring almost every night since he was about 9 months old, at which time a banana would be about as long as his arm. Last night he only ate half, and Dara ate the rest, chomping off huge chunks and grunting happily while she chewed.

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