race in the race

It’s the West Virginia primary today and as expected the Clintons won by a wide margin:

Clinton’s win here came as no surprise. The state is packed with the sort of voters with who have gravitated toward the New York Democrat: white, largely rural voters, the majority of whom have not finished college.

Disturbingly though, a huge percentage of their supporters say that race was a reason they voted the way they did.

Now Hillary and Bill (formerly known as “The first black President”) could easily put a stop to the racial leanings. They could easily say that they believe race should not be an issue. Even though you could potentially excuse her comments from last week when she said that she won more “among working, hard-working Americans, white Americans” she could also easily and at no cost ask her supporters to put race out of their minds and vote on issues or style instead. But she lets the race issue, and raw, ugly racism, continue, and I think there’s no excuse for that.

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