the buffet

Toby and Silje at Old Country BuffetYesterday was Toby’s friend Silje’s birthday, and to celebrate we were invited to join them at her favorite restaurant, Old Country Buffet. For the uninitiated, this place is seen as either being really kitsch, or really gross, or just amazing people-watching, if you like watching professionally obese people. The thing is it’s actually quite fun and pretty helpful if you’re there with kids, because they get to choose lots of different foods and they don’t necessarily have to have their finest dining table manners, and the food’s always a bit better than you think it’s going to be. Emma having a coffee at Old Country Buffet

Anyway we had a really good time – we were there for a good couple of hours (and no we weren’t re-visiting the buffet that whole time). Toby got Silje a ladybug kite, which she seemed to like a lot, and Dara enjoyed trying mashed potatoes and real, non-mashed up green beans.Dara enjoying a cracker at dinner

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