One aspect of quite a busy weekend (including our first meeting with our excellent Realtor, singing a concert and two services and generally zooming around) was that we had to renew our car’s road tax. Fortunately the dealership from which we’re getting our new car (one of these days…) has agreed to refund us – we didn’t want to be paying for new tax on a car we’re about to trade in.

But anyway, in Minnesota you get a sticker for your front and rear license plates which indicates the month and year your tax expires – when you get new tabs you simply stick them over the old year. However this time when we paid the renewal fee, the guy in the government center gave us new license plates too. It seems that every seven years your car gets new plates, which seems very strange to me – in Britain the plates stay with the car for ever unless you get them personalised. It was kind of fun changing the plates, like I was a gangster preparing for a heist or something.

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