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A new camera, at last! I’ve been very happy with our Canon Powershot for a few years now, but it’s beginning to show its age. Two major things were less than optimal: the slowness (time to start up and shutter lag), and the color and brightness balancing – you may notice in the last set of pictures I posted the foreground is nice and bright but the background is very dark. Also the pictures were a little fuzzy sometimes.

I read a review a few months ago about the Panasonic Lumix point and shoot cameras, in particular the higher end ones with Lecia lenses. So a couple of weeks ago armed with a few Amazon vouchers from kind relatives, I ordered the latest model – the niftily named Lumix DMC-TZ5K. It arrived this evening and so far it’s completely fantastic. I’ve been walking around the house taking pictures using the intelligent mode, which instantaneously adjusts the settings based on what you’re photographing. So when taking pictures of the cats, it adjusts for if they are moving fast, and even does automatic digital red-eye fixing. Pictures taken in dark rooms had enough flash and image stabilization that they looked like the sun was out, and great color too on the very large LCD. The zoom is powerful enough that a picture of one of Dara’s toys taken from across the room had incredible detail and clarity, and a self-portrait I took had alarming and slightly terrifying detail of my facial flaws. Well, we can’t all be perfect. It’s also super-fast to start up and the shutter lag is less than a second even with the flash. It also takes high capacity (and very fast) SD memory cards, so with the 8Gb card I got it will hold over 1700 9megapixel shots.

Anyway, expect lots more pictures to be posted over the coming months – I for one can’t wait.

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  1. Matt says:

    Andy – Thanks for the tip on the camera. I was about to purchase a new Sony Cybershot 5x zoom model a month or so back, then saw your tip. I didn’t even realize Panasonic made cameras. Did my own research on the TZ5, and saw nothing but glowing reviews. The 10x zoom is really what sold me, and the main reason I’d always been yearning for a SLR; to get that in a compact camera is awesome. Finally found a deal and placed the order today – thanks!

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