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Big congratulations to both Emma and Toby today. Emma because she just found out the grade from her most recent class in her Masters program at the College of St. Catherine – yet another A. This means that in each of the eight classes she’s taken so far, it’s been straight As. Pretty impressive. And as you’ll see from the course description, it’s not easy-looking.

Congratulations to Toby too – we found out today that he has been accepted to our excellent local school – Whittier International – when he starts kindergarten in September. We had applied a couple of months ago, but there are no guarantees for which one you get. Whittier is apparently a very good place, so we’re excited for him and a little relieved. Although it drives it home to us that he’s growing up.

As for Dara – doing great. Sitting, using her hands, lots of laughter and more and more copying other people. At her 6 month checkup a couple of weeks ago she was 15 pounds 12 ounces (50th percentile) and 26 inches tall (75th percentile), and her first tooth popped through last week. She’s a lot of fun, although she forced me into a moral quandary today. I was doing an online opinion survey, and during the profile questions at the end there were questions about the people in the household, including some about illnesses and infirmities. One of the questions asked if there was anyone who has trouble getting up and down stairs, and another asked if there was anyone who has difficulty concentrating. I think that Dara probably falls into both of those categories, but I said no because I knew that babies didn’t count.

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    Well done chaps from us!

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