this doesn’t look good

There may be a perfectly innocent and reasonable explanation for this, but if you’re campaigning for the presidential nomination and using healthcare reform as one of your key policy proposals (not to mention using your (failed) push for universal healthcare when you were spouse of a president as a piece of the evidence for your political experience) then the fact that your campaign owes $292,000 in unpaid health insurance premiums for campaign staffers just looks bad. That on top of the fact that you had to lend your campaign $5 million of your own money to keep it rolling. Kind of embarrassing, don’t you think?

And by the way on general campaign debt, Clinton’s campaign owed $8.7 million at the end of February. Obama owed $625,000 and McCain $4.3 million, though most of his debt was from a bank loan, and only $1.3 million was in the form of unpaid bills to a dozen vendors.

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