fun at five

I wasn’t sure how today was going to work out. Emma had to be at college all day and I had offered to have Toby’s friend Patrick over for a play date and although they get on great together I was concerned that looking after two five year olds and Dara too would be a bit of a handful.

I need not have worried though – we had a totally great day. The boys played with cars and lego and pirate toys all day and Dara got to hang out with me or watch them which was loads of fun for her. Most of the games were so engrossing that I was able to leave them to it for half hour stretches or more so Dara and I could do productive things like test out the new roomba robot vacuum cleaner. The four of us went for a walk to pick up lunch at Common Roots, a local cafe and bagel shop, which on entering the boys started singing bagel bagel bagel to the Jewish dredel song to the amusement of everyone nearby.

Patrick’s parents and two year old sister came over for dinner and we had a great little evening. We’re all pretty wiped out after a long day but hopefully we’ll do it again soon.

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