reproduction news

It’s been a busy week this week for our friends and their new offspring. At the weekend we happened to see our neighbors G and J depart for the hospital to have a baby girl. Hopefully a fun little friend for Dara, and right across the road.

Last night we heard news that our friends M and C were off to hospital too to have their baby. They had a wee boy this morning and all are doing well. They live only a couple of blocks away so Dara will also have the chance for a boy to play with.

As for Miss Dara herself, she turned 6 months old last week and remains a very happy little person. She has pretty much mastered sitting up unaided which means she’s able to do much more interesting things like play musical instruments with Toby (pics to follow when I have time). Next step I think is getting mobile – she is already beginning to start to try to reach beyond her immediate radius and is paying a lot of attention to the kids at Daycare who are crawling. She moves up to the Infant II class on Monday so I am expecting her to be on the move soon. Look out world, or at least Toby’s toys.

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