le weekend

It’s ten in the morning on Saturday and after a slow start hanging out with Dara it was time for strong coffee and breakfast. Out of the window cars and people are going by, the former grimy from snow and road salt, the latter bundled and hunched against the cold – both as they have been for over three months now. There are still large snow banks on the sidewalk from the big snowfalls back in December and have melted since. Some are still five feet high.

It’s going to be a fun weekend I think – hanging around this morning, then Emma has a class this afternoon. She and I are going out to the Minnesota Opera tonight for the first time in a couple of years which we’re both really looking forward to, and the kids have one of Dara’s teachers from Daycare coming to babysit. Tomorrow is Toby’s swimming class in the afternoon and our neighbors are coming over for dinner, maybe the last time before they have their first baby which is due in just a couple of weeks.

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