state of alarm

There has been a lot of news in the last couple of days about how the Whitehouse knew about possible terrorist threats before September 11. And some tough questions, not least this excellent article from Slate. And this morning I heard that the Vice President was warning Democrats that to ask questions of the President and start pointing fingers was overly political. Of course he’s quite correct – in a democracy it is completely out of bounds for an opposition political party to be asking questions of the President, which at least half of the citizens want to be answered.

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  1. [...] As I mentioned a few days ago, there’s been a lot of back and forth in Washington, DC about what the government knew before September 11, and why they didn’t do more. Slate has been weighing in as it tends to do, and as usual doing a good job. If you haven’t already seen this I think it sums up a lot of what’s been happening. [...]

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