I was just on the phone with American Express, to fix something with my corporate card, and as usual the service was almost spookily good. The representative was polite, formal and helpful and the issue I had was resolved in seconds. I’ve called them a few times now, including once from India when I was trying to buy some jewelery for Emma and the store I was at had problems with their credit card machine – in this instance the rep stayed on the line for over 15 minutes, speaking with me and the somewhat incompetent guy in the store, until we got it all worked out and Emma got her emeralds.

When I said thank you to the rep today she said, “It was my privilege.” Steady on, you were only transferring money, but still – impeccable service.

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  1. Robin (bro) says:

    You’re just showing off now aren’t you? This is like that Fast Show sketch: “And then I bought my wife some emeralds in India using my American Express card. Which was nice.”

    Some of us don’t have wives or American Express cards, and have never been further for work than Dalmuir! Although I guess I could get an American Express card and buy myself a wife and a ticket to India. Probably wouldn’t have enough left for the emeralds though…

  2. Paul says:

    Buy the ticket to India first, then get the wife there – I think they’ll be cheaper there, and you’ll only need to buy her a one way ticket. Then you should have enough left over for some emeralds.

  3. Robin (bro) says:

    Now that’s good thinking!

    Or possibly I could fly to India, buy an emerald mine and the rest would probably take care of itself…

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