I just listened to a very interesting interview on National Public Radio’s Fresh Air show. It’s with Professor Bart Ehrman on questioning religion on why we suffer. The link has lots of details, including his bio and an excerpt from his book, but in a nutshell he talks about his being drawn to Christianity because he believed it explained suffering in the world, and as he became a college professor in religion the more he studied this question the more unsatisfying he found the answer, with the result (so far) that he is agnostic, and seems to be quite comfortable with this fact. A few of the reasons I liked the interview (this sounds like a 5th grade book report) was that he asks a lot of the questions I’ve been thinking about for the last couple of years; he is very scholarly and not particularly confrontational; and his reasoning seems to be quite well rooted in scripture. He has clearly been thinking deeply about these issues for a number of years.

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