the correct answer is yes

Over the weekend I popped into our fantastic local co-op to get some supplies, and noticed that they had a great special on cheese – some French Brie, Le Chatelaine, for only 5 bucks a pound, down from 15ish. I noticed right away that it looked delicious and runny, and even through the wrapping it smelled good (by good I mean that if an apple smelled that way you would throw it away immediately, but perfect for a cheese).

After a day of storing it in the fridge I noticed that more containment would be needed, so it’s now in its wrapping, and a ziploc bag, and a box, which is meaning that the fridge is now 90% less stinky than before. I tried some last night – making sure to be in a different room from where Emma was, so as to be considerate of her more delicate constitution – and it was an incredible experience. Stinky, creamy, yummy.

The info on the wrapper says that it’s a great combination of creaminess, with tones of mushroom and yeast: I say that coagulated milk with fungus and mold thrown in makes a snack fit for kings.

And here’s a guy tip: In order to retain your manly credentials, when your wife asks you “Is that something really old and rancid in the fridge, or is it your cheese?” the correct answer can only be “Yes”.

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