five months

(Warning: extremely biased reporting to follow – I think I’m justified though)

Dara is five months old today, and doing just great so far. She’s growing well, and seems healthy and very happy. She’s continuing to be very alert and interested in her surroundings – even when she was just a few days old she didn’t like to lean on to my shoulder when I was holding her, preferring instead to try to lift her head and pushing on me with her little arms. Since then she’s decided she doesn’t like to be reclined when she has a bottle – she insists on sitting bold upright so that she can see everything that’s going on with her wide open, blue eyes. Lately she’s been getting even more engaged in her house-mates – she still seems to think that Toby is the most fantastic resident of the house, and squeals with delight when she sees him, but she’s also taken a recent and strong interest in the cats. She loves to watch them as they go about their offices, with the consequence that if one is running around while she’s having a bottle she doesn’t get much eating done because she keeps needing to turn her head to watch the action. They’re being really good with her, and let her feel their fur with a certain amount of grimness, but patience too.

The biggest development with her is just in the last few days, which is that she realized on Thursday that by moving her mouth at the same time as making sounds, she could make brand new, much more interesting sounds. So almost constantly while she’s awake we’ve had a little voice going “Aaraaadaada aadoiyaaadaaaghhhaaararoh” etc, with occasional ear-splitting squeals of happiness. She’s quite content to lie on her back singing at her toes, or sit singing to her bottle for ages at a time. Feeding her, therefore, is not a quick operation – last night she was getting cereal and spent longer singing to her spoon than using it to eat.

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