tidings of misuse and woe

A sad, sad story from local Twin Cities News: The Prosperity Gospel church is facing cutbacks of between $40,000 and $70,000 per week, and their pastor is having to sell his plane. Plus some of their contemporaries are under investigation by the U.S. Senate on uses of their budget, and there are allegations that some ministers may have improperly solicited funds for presidential candidate Mike Huckabee during a conference at which their head pastor spoke (it is illegal for tax-exempt organizations, such as churches or charities, to solicit for presidential candidates, which is why Focus on the Family head James Dobson was speaking as a private citizen when he endorsed Mitt Romney).

The full story is in our local paper; if they remove the link you can also see it here (with some extra commentary). Key lines:

“Prosperity Gospel” churches are based on the notion that success in business or personal life is evidence of God’s love.

Hammond [the pastor] told other ministers that people “gradually become disillusioned” when their prayers are not met promptly or when promised riches don’t come.

“They have needs to be met, and when they don’t get it they leave,” Hammond said. “They get their hands put on them, they don’t get cured, then the disillusionment sets in.”

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