Toby was hard at work over the weekend finishing off his thank you letters for his birthday presents. We did what we did for Christmas – he wrote one template letter, which Emma photocopied, then he filled in the details: individual names, and his signature. He does pretty well on it for a five-year-old, although it takes quite a lot of coaching to get him to stay focused, but he made it in the end.

When he was writing to a couple (Uncle and Auntie, or Nana and Grandad) we had suggested that he did a plus sign instead of “and”, to keep it simple. However, he learned the concept of percent a few weeks ago when we got the new TiVo – while the software was updating it showed the % complete, and we spoke about what percent means. It clearly must have stayed with him, because yesterday he insisted on writing percent signs wherever he could, including instead of a plus sign. So if you get a letter from him which includes % you now know why.

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