super tuesday reaction

Emma and I watched the Super Tuesday results last night. CNN High Def was all very well – graphs all over the place – except for how scary former Bush press secretary Ari Fleischer looked in HD. He even admitted that the Republicans are salivating over the prospect of facing Hillary later in the year.

We (Emma and I) decided on a few things: firstly, Huckabee is a good speaker and looks all honest and folksy but he’s mad. Romney probably isn’t going to get too far. McCain’s wife was the most glam of the Republican wives but started to look like an alien when she was trying not to cry.

On the Dem side we’re still not seeing eye to eye. If she doesn’t mind me paraphrasing, I think she’s going for the experience of (the) Clinton(s), and doesn’t feel that Obama really has that. I accept that Hillary probably could get some things done right off the bat but I’m still not buying it. I admire her, but there are some things going on which are making me feel very uneasy. The Daily Show played some clips from her one hour Hallmark special which just seemed so icky (the clips featured her standing on a stage while people gave testimonials about how great she was) and her speech last night was pretty bland. Emma doesn’t deny that Obama is a great orator – I have to be honest that my emotions totally get the better of me when I see him deliver a speech – but feels that there’s a lot of ego going on without much realism or concreteness behind it. I can totally see that, and have sometimes had the same feeling. However if you take a step back and consider his experience in community organizing, in the Illinois legislature and the way he leveraged this to get to the Senate and now being on the cusp of having an African American presidential nominee, I can’t help feeling that there has to be something there beyond oratory.

What I mean by that is that he must have picked a super-hot campaign team (which you would hope bodes well for cabinet selection) and must have done something to be able to stand up to the Democrat old guard of the Clintons and their friends. He has also stayed fairly true to his word of keeping dignity in his campaigning – what a concept. I know I’ve linked a few times to Andrew Sullivan’s writing lately, and while I’ll note that there are many times I don’t agree with him, he is also capable of being considerably more succinct than me (he’s a pro of course) and his posting today sums up a lot of my impression of Obama, so I think it’s worth linking to, and worth reading.

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  1. Emma says:

    Ok I should say I’m not really for anyone.But you’re right that I’m not seduced by Obamania.

    I don’t think that Washington works the same way as a neighborhood when it comes to community organizing and I think that Hillary is at least acknowledging that the reality is the people don’t get stuff done government does.

    I know that this is odd given the fact that Chelsea seems OK but I do think that Obama should stay in his current job while his girls are young.maybe that is one reason I find it hard to support him.

  2. Fiona Lihs says:

    Do either of you find it frustrating that you are both so educated (far above and beyond the average US citizen!) about all the persons involved and yet neither of you will be able to vote?

  3. YES! (and thanks for thinking that we are well educated) But: we can talk with people, can volunteer on campaigns, and because our house is on a busy street and bus route we can put up yard signs (once we agree on a candidate). We are thinking about citizenship but it’s a slow process – the citizenship, not the thinking.

    Fortunately, we still get to pay taxes just like any other American.

  4. Fiona Lihs says:

    Actually, once you are eligable for citizenship the process is pretty quick. I went through mine in less than 6 months. And just to clarify, I was talking well educated in the political arena, I am holding off on judging the rest ;)

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