run on and on

I made it on Saturday morning to the 5K run in downtown, and I’m really glad I went. It was a beautiful sunny and cool morning, and a whole bunch of people so a great atmosphere. I was quite nervous about the whole thing, but I ran with my friend Marc which really helped. I think we kept quite a good pace – the race went through the warehouse district and back along the river which was just great. The coolest bit was the end, I rounded the final corner and saw the clock coming up to 30 minutes and took off to make it before the half hour. Quite exciting and it was kind of like the Olympics (in my slow sort of way). So I made it under 30 minutes – my target time was 31 – and was pleased to find out that there was a 1/3rd mile detour so actually my 5K time was even less. Hans (who had taken me on a couple of training runs) showed up and said that I was going well, looking faster and more comfortable than the couple of times he and I had been out. For someone who was told all the way through high school that I was terrible at sports, this is quite an achievement for me.

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