election brain dump

I like this post from the Whatever blog, which features musings on the early stages of the presidential nominating process. One of my favorite quotes about the Democrats: “…having a President Obama would make it feel like the American people were doing a Ctrl+Alt+Delete on the previous eight years…” I hope that by now people outside of the US are realizing how exhausted and despondent this country is. I saw something a couple of days ago which said how enlightened the American people are that they would even consider voting for someone named Obama, and that Brits, for example, would be very unlikely to vote for someone named Hitner.

And about the Republican candidates: “…the GOP field? Monkeys. Or more accurately: Jesus Monkey, 9/11 Monkey, flip-flop Monkey with perfect hair, Monkey who wins teh Internets and fails everything else, and John McCain, who is not a monkey.”

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