the smell of the future

I read a quote the other day: “I have seen the future. It’s pretty much like the present, only longer”. Delving back to the past, here is a story from the BBC about the old home computers of the 80s. No massive insight – it just reminds me of what a pain it was to load games from cassette which would take 10 minutes or more, if it worked at all. And it finishes with the reason why we put up with it: “The graphics looked good because we had seen nothing like them before. It was the FUTURE, raw, undiluted and in your living room” which I guess is true. Now that I work with computers all day, every day, and while they can still be really annoying, I still get a bit of enjoyment from the fact that this is all fast-moving stuff, and changing the way people work and live.

One thing which made me smile about the article was the picture of that old clunky Commodore computer, with the C= key and everything. It made me remember my faithful old machine, even down to the actual smell of it – the Commodore 64 and a BBC B computer we also owned had very distinctive smells when they had been used for a while. Takes me back…

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