There’s been loads written today about Barack Obama’s win in the Iowa caucuses yesterday. People thinking it’s a real change, even though there’s a long way to go in the presidential primaries. Emma and I watched the results last night on TV, and although she prefers Hillary Clinton, I think she was reasonably impressed with Obama’s speech. Personally it made the hairs on my neck stand up – I found it exciting, visionary and moving and made me remember why I wanted to come to America in the first place (the last 7 years, politically, have been something of a nightmare).
Here are the things I liked:

Obama was on stage behind a podium, rather than crammed on a stage with all his elderly cronies around him. Clinton had tired, sad looking staffers – Obama held his head high, smiled a couple of times, but mostly was firm, clear and passionate.

Also you could see a lot of the crowd behind him was young and very enthusiastic. Edwards had union types (a guy was holding a “Carpenters for Edwards” sign which seemed kind of old school – we were wondering if it was a Christian thing, or union workers, or the band) and didn’t even acknowledge or mention Obama.

Edwards spoke of fighting; Clinton spoke in passing of Republicans; Obama spoke again and again about unity (although there was a firm ding against special interest lobbyists), and apparently many Republicans and Independents are fired up about his candidacy – they don’t necessarily agree with him all the time but he’s someone they could be proud of and believe in. Interesting times, in a good way for once.

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  1. Emma says:

    I’d like to clarify the Hillary thing – at this point I’m not actually behind anyone in particular; most of the Dems are saying something I like. My point has been, and remains, that I’m more confident that with Clinton and Edwards what you see is what you get. Obama is more of an unknown quantity. In the Senate he seems to be willing to stand alone and speak out, but he of all of them has never faced the reality of dealing with a bunch of red tape that he may not be able to break through -what does he do under that kind of pressure? Most folks have to water down their ideas and give a little to get things done. Even though I would prefer the outcomes I certainly hope he wouldn’t follow the example of the current administration and trample over the system for his own agenda.

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