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best! thing! ever!

Monday, March 31st, 2008

Yesterday we took Dara shopping. After her riding in the baby sling on Emma’s hip for a while we realized that being six months old and able to sit up she’s old enough to ride in the shopping cart, so we strapped her in, little knowing the extreme volume which would follow. Apparently riding in a shopping cart is the Best Thing Ever if you are a baby – she completely freaked out and sang DA DA DAAA!!! with delight at the top of her voice the whole time, apart from when she was squealing and laughing, and also grinning at all the other people who were smiling at her as we moved through the aisles (and pretty much everyone smiled at her). At one point Emma went to grab something from four aisles from where we were – our little girl was still audible from that far away.

this doesn’t look good

Monday, March 31st, 2008

There may be a perfectly innocent and reasonable explanation for this, but if you’re campaigning for the presidential nomination and using healthcare reform as one of your key policy proposals (not to mention using your (failed) push for universal healthcare when you were spouse of a president as a piece of the evidence for your political experience) then the fact that your campaign owes $292,000 in unpaid health insurance premiums for campaign staffers just looks bad. That on top of the fact that you had to lend your campaign $5 million of your own money to keep it rolling. Kind of embarrassing, don’t you think?

And by the way on general campaign debt, Clinton’s campaign owed $8.7 million at the end of February. Obama owed $625,000 and McCain $4.3 million, though most of his debt was from a bank loan, and only $1.3 million was in the form of unpaid bills to a dozen vendors.

fun at five

Saturday, March 29th, 2008

I wasn’t sure how today was going to work out. Emma had to be at college all day and I had offered to have Toby’s friend Patrick over for a play date and although they get on great together I was concerned that looking after two five year olds and Dara too would be a bit of a handful.

I need not have worried though – we had a totally great day. The boys played with cars and lego and pirate toys all day and Dara got to hang out with me or watch them which was loads of fun for her. Most of the games were so engrossing that I was able to leave them to it for half hour stretches or more so Dara and I could do productive things like test out the new roomba robot vacuum cleaner. The four of us went for a walk to pick up lunch at Common Roots, a local cafe and bagel shop, which on entering the boys started singing bagel bagel bagel to the Jewish dredel song to the amusement of everyone nearby.

Patrick’s parents and two year old sister came over for dinner and we had a great little evening. We’re all pretty wiped out after a long day but hopefully we’ll do it again soon.

toby and dara pics

Tuesday, March 25th, 2008

Just posted up a new set – enjoy.

reproduction news

Saturday, March 22nd, 2008

It’s been a busy week this week for our friends and their new offspring. At the weekend we happened to see our neighbors G and J depart for the hospital to have a baby girl. Hopefully a fun little friend for Dara, and right across the road.

Last night we heard news that our friends M and C were off to hospital too to have their baby. They had a wee boy this morning and all are doing well. They live only a couple of blocks away so Dara will also have the chance for a boy to play with.

As for Miss Dara herself, she turned 6 months old last week and remains a very happy little person. She has pretty much mastered sitting up unaided which means she’s able to do much more interesting things like play musical instruments with Toby (pics to follow when I have time). Next step I think is getting mobile – she is already beginning to start to try to reach beyond her immediate radius and is paying a lot of attention to the kids at Daycare who are crawling. She moves up to the Infant II class on Monday so I am expecting her to be on the move soon. Look out world, or at least Toby’s toys.

fantastic spam

Friday, March 14th, 2008

I just saw a link to this great spam email offer:

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Thank you for attention Redd Cross of Slovenia!

le weekend

Saturday, March 8th, 2008

It’s ten in the morning on Saturday and after a slow start hanging out with Dara it was time for strong coffee and breakfast. Out of the window cars and people are going by, the former grimy from snow and road salt, the latter bundled and hunched against the cold – both as they have been for over three months now. There are still large snow banks on the sidewalk from the big snowfalls back in December and have melted since. Some are still five feet high.

It’s going to be a fun weekend I think – hanging around this morning, then Emma has a class this afternoon. She and I are going out to the Minnesota Opera tonight for the first time in a couple of years which we’re both really looking forward to, and the kids have one of Dara’s teachers from Daycare coming to babysit. Tomorrow is Toby’s swimming class in the afternoon and our neighbors are coming over for dinner, maybe the last time before they have their first baby which is due in just a couple of weeks.


Tuesday, March 4th, 2008

For a long time Emma has said that if we had a big back yard she would much rather get a couple of pygmy goats than have a dog – for some reason she just really likes little goats. When we go to the zoo she always wants to go to the farm section to see the little goats. However here’s something she might be more interested in: miniature pigs. Apparently pigs are at least as smart as some breeds of dog, and these particular ones are always sold in pairs so that they won’t get lonely. I think it would freak out our cats though, and I’m not sure if they can be house trained…

jeff healey

Monday, March 3rd, 2008

Sad news today – guitarist Jeff Healey died at age 41. He was an impressive songwriter and musician, more impressive due to the fact that he was blind, and played his guitar across his lap. I saw a show of his in Glasgow probably over 10 years ago – it was a lot of fun. I remember at one point he got carried away in a blues jam, he jumped up and started bopping around on the stage while playing his guitar. You got the feeling that this was something he regularly did, but even so his band seemed to be keeping close watch that he wouldn’t hurtle off the front of the stage.

an hour and a half with barack obama

Monday, March 3rd, 2008

I’ve been reading Marc Andreesen’s blog a bit lately – he was founder of Netscape and is generally seen as being an early leading light and guru in the development of the Internet. Today he posted about spending some time with Barack Obama last year, before the real campaigning started. Interesting reading. He notes that although he also donated money to the Romney campaign he sees Obama as being “Smart, normal, curious, not radical, and post-Boomer. If you were asking me to write a capsule description of what I would look for in the next President of the United States, that would be it.”