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Wednesday, August 1st, 2007

I was just about to iron some shirts tonight when I got a call from my boss – she asked me to call everyone on my team (I have 18 employees plus a couple of contractors right now) to make sure they are OK. Clearly I was sounding a bit confused – she said “Haven’t you heard? Sorry, I thought you knew – turn on the TV.” Well it seems that the bridge of a major road collapsed at rush hour. It’s a major commuter artery from downtown Minneapolis to the north, and a lot of our folks take it. The collapse happened right on the Mississippi in the center of town.

I got hold of everyone on the team eventually – it took a lot of phoning around to make sure, and then I had to call the central security office of our company to let them know too (the guy said “wow, you have a big team!”). A couple of the folks had close calls – one was on the bus going over the bridge a half hour before, and others may have been there but had stayed in the office a little later than usual.

Quite a relief – I might try to phone a couple of friends just in case. So far it’s pretty nasty, but could maybe have been worse – the bridge was under construction with only one lane open each way (usually three each way) so there were a fairly small number of cars and other vehicles on the bridge.

UPDATE: Freaky: Emma just reminded me that this is the road we take to get Toby to soccer class, and we are usually going over it at about 6:05pm on Tuesday nights.

royal, kind of

Wednesday, August 1st, 2007

During extensive baby name research, Emma came across a page which is a family tree of descendants of King Henry VII – do a search within the page (for Mogendorff) and you will find me! I’m guessing that the guy who put this together didn’t find details of Emma’s and my wedding, or of Toby’s birth, so I’ll try to contact him and get updates.

A couple of things occurred to Emma: firstly, maybe we should use a selection of family names – we have a few to choose from, including one gentleman named Charles Felix Otho Victor Gabriel John Adrian Hope-Nicholson.

Secondly, how many people would I have to dispose of before I could take the throne of Britain? It would be quite a task, but possible worth it.