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sunny weather

Sunday, December 3rd, 2006

We’re on vacation right now, in beautiful Bermuda where Emma’s parents are living for a few years (tough one). It’s a real tonic to be somewhere so nice in December, especially as Minnesota’s weather has taken a tumble – highs in the teens F compared with mid-70s (about 23ish C) here. Also it’s very verdant here, a great contrast to the bare trees and general lack of color at home. We’ve been taking it fairly easy but seeing some local sights and enjoying basically hanging out.

The houses here are fairly spectacular, but I could tell I was a Northern boy earlier today. We drove past a great big house on a small island today – they have a jetty for their boats. However the first reaction I had was, “I don’t fancy clearing the snow from all those stairs.” It has never, ever, snowed in Bermuda.