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more fish news

Monday, August 14th, 2006

A charity fish face slap on offer. Emma’s comment: (incredulous tone of voice) “Wait – you have to buy your own fish?”.

toby photos

Saturday, August 12th, 2006

Just posted a bunch of new photos. Some were a bit overdue – our trip with friends over the Fourth of July weekend. (Strangely the Fourth of July is the only day of the year Americans refer to in the British way of saying the day then the month – you’d think as it’s all about celebrating independence they might have changed it to July Fourth).

The others were taken just today. Toby was sent a present by his grandad which arrived yesterday – a full Southampton soccer kit, including a ball and kit bag. We happened to have some pretty cool Reebok kids’ size 11 boots which we got him in secret a couple of months ago – they’re still a little large but they work. So we got him all kitted out and we had a great time down at the park. Enjoy the photos, and please ignore the fact that I totally need to update the templates and formatting etc. I’ll find the time one day.

beirut blog

Monday, August 7th, 2006

Someone mentioned to me a couple of days ago that there’s a spot on this site’s hit map (on the left hand side) from the Middle East. Well, mystery solved:

I got an email today from a former school friend of Emma’s who is currently living in Beirut – she moved there a few months ago little suspecting what would transpire. She’s keeping a blog at Bloggin’ Beirut – I’ve added it to my blogrolls list so we can watch her progress. Spare a thought or three.

more than a feeling

Thursday, August 3rd, 2006

I’m in Boston for a couple of days for work – specifically Cambridge where one of our offices is. It’s my first time here and it seems really nice, if somewhat sweltering – they’re experiencing the 100+F weather we had in Minneapolis earlier this week. It’s nice to be somewhere with a bit more history than Minnesota, and the architecture is pretty cool as a result, plus everything is very compact compared to what I’ve gotten used to. Great to be meeting my counterparts in another location and it’s busy but feeling worthwhile.

Last night my coworkers took me to see the Red Sox game at Fenway Park, which is the oldest continuously used baseball stadium in the country, having opened in 1912. It’s a pretty cool place, kind of cramped and uncomfortable with wooden chairs designed for 1912 sized people, but the atmosphere was just great. It’s open air but with the oppresive heat it was kind of stuffy and smelly, but that all added to the feel. The seats get start really close to the field so you feel much closer to the game than I’m used to in the Minneapolis Metrodome. Sell-out crowd (277th in a row apparently) also made a difference, it was pretty rowdy. The game itself was mostly good too – a bit of a ropey stretch in the middle but the final inning was awesome. Sox were a run down and with two outs managed to get all the bases loaded and got the winning runs needed in the last play. Everyone in the place was on their feet for the whole innings, clapping, cheering, whistling – it was really cool. When the Sox won the place erupted and the atmosphere as we left was just great.