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license to ill

Wednesday, May 3rd, 2006

From the news yesterday:Americans ‘more ill than English’ (I notice it doesn’t compare them to the Scots). Here are my thoughts on why this might be the case:

1) Overwork. Americans tend to work more hours than pretty much anyone else. I think that we (I count myself as an American worker) obsess more about work and are “on” much more than British workers – not to say that British workers are slackers, but generally people get more vacation in the UK, and work weeks tend to be a few hours shorter, which adds up.
2) Leisure time. Americans might have a reputation as the people who started “doing” leisure time, but a lot of the time it’s busy leisure – the stereotype is of the parents rushing around taking their kids from one activity to another. I don’t know many people here who just hang around and get bored.
3) Social time. One of the things I miss most here is just going out after work, even for one or two drinks. Americans tend not to do the pint-after-work thing in the same way as Brits, and I think that’s a shame – it’s a great stress reducer.

I have a feeling that diet is probably a part of it too – I reckon Americans probably eat a fair bit more meat and processed foods than Brits. The study says that the numbers aren’t necessarily explained by obesity levels but I have a hunch that more highly processed foods has a fair impact.

Anyone have any other unscientifically proven ideas?


Wednesday, May 3rd, 2006

Sorry for no posts in ages – I had nasty flu last week and over the weekend. Not fun. Anyway, to get things going again, here’s a conversation Toby and Emma had yesterday:

T: Mummy – Armando and Jacob [two boys in Toby's class] love tornados. I love tornados – I wish I could buy one… At the Tornado shop.
E: Toby, do you know what a tornado is?
T: No, but I love them

They then had an explanation session on the tornado – how it is weather like snow, rain or sun. So now Toby can explain that a tornado is very windy and it goes round and round and picks up cows. Big tornados can be very scary but we only get little ones in the city because they don’t like the buildings [this isn't exactly true, but it's helpful if you're an over-imaginative small person]. If a tornado comes we might have to sit in the basement.