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coming back

Monday, March 27th, 2006

Emma’s been away for a long weekend in Montreal with an old college friend of hers. Toby and I have done pretty well I think while she’s been gone – he’s certainly enjoyed riding the bus to and from school with me and it’s been fun to have so much time together. We’re just about to go to the airport to get her. When I collected him from school today he was very excited about going to the airport, but took a moment to get the correct sentence construction: “Daddy, I am – I don’t – I need – I can’t wait to see her”

green card

Friday, March 24th, 2006

Last time I came back from India I lost my green card somewhere in Chicago airport between immigration and checking in for my Minneapolis flight. Despite talking with security people (who had excellent Chicago cop accents) we couldn’t find it. So I got the replacement green card application form and sent it off with 260 of my hard-earned dollars. Two days later I got a call from the British Consulate in Chicago who said that my card had been sent to them – they were extremely helpful and FedExed the card back to me. I just called the US immigration people to let them know and to ask that they don’t process my replacement card. They’re OK with cancelling the application but unfortunately they had acted with uncharacteristic speed in cashing my check, which is now non-refundable. So I’m down $260 for my carelessness. At least I don’t have to go through lining up in the immigration office for new photos and fingerprints.

we still have a pleep

Friday, March 24th, 2006

When I was in Glasgow I sang at St Mary’s Cathedral, where our conductor occasionally had a somewhat odd turn of phrase in rehearsal. For example:

Tenors, when you come in here I want you to burst. Like an egg


Basses, you’re just tramping around, like a fly on a ceiling

But they’re nothing compared to this: The Quotations Of Leif Segerstam

toby photos

Tuesday, March 21st, 2006

Finally, a new bunch of Toby photos. You can see them here, and I hope you like them.

snow fun

Monday, March 13th, 2006

It has been a snow-dominated couple of days. The weather was actually really mild over the weekend, but while Emma had a work thing on Saturday morning, our friend Arwen and I took Toby skiing for the first time, so went to a slope in a southern suburb where they make snow, so there was plenty despite the mild weather. Toby had been fascinated with skiing during the Winter Olympics so I thought this would be great for him. He was really excited, but the excitement faded rapidly when he tried on the rental boots, and he cried really loudly in the echoey equipment rental room. We persevered though, and got him out on the slope. Once he’d done his first tentative slide a few feet and shouted “look Daddy I’m skiing!” a few times he was really into it. He actually did really well at keeping his balance, and towards the end of the hour, just before he lost all energy, he was going on his own really well. Next time we’ll try to teach him to stop, rather than having to be grabbed.

Yesterday they were warning of a big snowstorm overnight, and they weren’t wrong. We’ve had many inches of snow – I got up at about 6am to shovel the sidewalk and even though I cleared right down to the sidewalk, within an hour it looked like nothing had been cleared. Oh well, at least it was a good workout. Lots of people didn’t make it to work today, including Emma, and the roads were quite treacherous to say the least. Apparently it was the biggest snowfall from a single storm since 16″ fell on March 8-9, 1999, which was the night before my first day of work here in the USA. I was so nervous about driving that morning and the whole prospect of starting work in a new country that I nearly threw up a few times. It all worked out OK in the end through.

toby update

Monday, March 6th, 2006

I’ve been really busy – sorry for lack of updates. But here’s a quick list of things which made me really proud of Toby this weekend:

  • We took him out on his new two wheeler bike (with stabilisers of course) on Saturday and he zoomed along with great confidence.
  • I played on the computer with him a bit and his mouse skills were really impressive, plus general following directions.
  • In the middle of playing on the computer, he turned around and said “daddy, this is my right hand, and this is my left” holding out the correct hands as he said it.
  • At church on Sunday morning he spend most of his time playing with his friend Silje (pronounced Silya, approximately) who is about a year older than him and very smart and who doesn’t suffer fools, so it was pretty cool that he kept up with her.
  • We did some drawing on Sunday afternoon – he did a smiling face, then put a beard on its chin and said “daddy, this is a picture of you” – the first time he’s done that.
  • He has slept in his own bed all night (“all night day long” as he says it) three nights in a row.