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new toby

Saturday, August 23rd, 2003

Yes, it’s that time again – a few more pics of Toby, this time from his Auntie Rosey. Also new improved gallery style (again) this time from PhotoShop. Enough now, it’s late and my spacebar doesn’t work.


Monday, August 18th, 2003

Due to the continuing heat, we’ve had Toby sleep in our bed with us the last couple of nights. He’s a good sleeper, and doesn’t disturb us too much, apart from the fact that we have a little less space than usual (he sleeps on his back with his arms out). Last night I got to watch him fall asleep, which involved the following:

  • Play with toy, and say “Dad Dat Dass” at it
  • Play with feet, repeating “Dad Dat Dass”
  • Look at dad, smiling and saying “bbbbrrrrrrrrrrrr” several times
  • Kick feet repeatedly off bed
  • Close eyes, and roll head repeatedly from side to side
  • Grumble a little bit
  • Smile at dad again
  • Try to sit up by lifting up on elbows
  • Fall asleep halfway up, with arms wide open

    He’s still not quite able to sit up on his own, but with a very tiny amount of help he can do it. He’s also into climbing over people, he’s getting much more mobile. I give him a month before he can crawl. We’ll be spending a lot of time Toby-proofing the house!

  • steam

    Friday, August 15th, 2003

    It’s hot and steamy out today, although we’ve been lucky this year how seldom it’s been this bad. This is when we feel bad that we compromised and bought a house without central air conditioning. But we’ll survive I’m sure. It’s days like this when you really appreciate shopping malls with their free air conditioning.

    Today is also the last full day that we have Emma’s mum and her younger sister, Rosey, staying with us. They’ve been here the last couple of weeks and it’s been a lot of fun. Toby’s enjoyed having them look after him in the mornings when Em and I are at work, and I think they’ve all bonded a lot. He loves Rosey – he giggles at her a lot which is very cute. In fact he’s becoming so communicative, and one of my favorite things is getting home from work – he’ll stop whatever he’s doing to look up and give me a big gummy smile. If I pick him up for a hug he hugs me back really tight. On Sunday we went out for lunch, and while we were waiting for a table Emma and her folks went to look at a toy shop. Toby and I watched the people going by, and I had this feeling that if I hadn’t been there he would have been nervous and maybe a little freaked out by all the comings and goings, but because his dad was with him it was all OK. What a responsibility and privilege.

    Anyway, speaking of shopping malls and in fact all of the above, Emma’s currently at the Mall of America with everyone else, and we’re contemplating me taking the bus out there after work to join them and have a spot of dinner. It’s practically the weekend, after all.

    six months already

    Monday, August 11th, 2003

    OK, so he’s a couple of weeks over six months old, but we finally got some new pictures of our boy, which you can see here. As you can see, he’s starting to be able to stand a bit and sit a lot, and occasionally we can get him to smile for the camera, rather than just being transfixed by it.

    A couple of the photos had some bad red eye, so I trawled around for a tool to take care of this. Eventually I got one from, which also has a web gallery publishing tool. I need to delve into it a bit deeper – lots of the functions were excellent (the red eye reducer was easy and worked great) and the front page of the gallery works fine too, but the actual pictures come up quite small when you click on them. I’m assuming there’s a setting I can change for this, and if I find it I’ll update the gallery accordingly. The whole process was not helped by the fact that I spilt tea on the computer keyboard, so it now puts in spaces where you’re not expecting them, and won’t put a space where you want it. But I persevered. Enjoy the photos.

    say it loud

    Wednesday, August 6th, 2003

    I’m especially proud to be an Episcopalian today, after the confirmation of Gene Robinson as bishop of New Hampshire, the first openly gay bishop on Anglican history. All very exciting, the more so for happening right here in Minneapolis. As you’ll see from the story there were a couple of 11th hour allegations made against him, but they were investigated and found to be baseless, and his nomination was successfully passed.

    From what I’ve heard he is definitely the best qualified for the job, and it’s a great message to the community about what our church believes and who they welcome and minister to. It would have been a great shame to have to tell people that they had to hide who they were, how they are made, for the sake of appeasing a conservative minority and against the spirit of reconciliation, hope and caring.

    general convention

    Friday, August 1st, 2003

    The Episcopal General Convention is in town this week, so there’s a lot going on for me and many of my friends. This morning I sang with the Gregorian Singers at a service – a long day as we started at 7:30 and weren’t done till about 1. All worthwhile though – we had a lot of complements and the atmosphere was very warm. I’d had a few rehearsals with them also, so the last couple of weeks had been quite hectic too. This weekend I’m going to be doing some hospitality work at the Cathedral, and next Wednesday we (the Cathedral Choir) are singing an evensong at 7pm. Emma was at the Cathedral on Wednesday evening this week to acolyte at the Integrity service – Integrity represent the Episcopal ministry to the GLBT community. There’s a lot going on this year with the gay issue – there’s a vote to accept the nomination of an openly gay bishop, and another on the possiblity of developing a blessing for gay couples. Personally I hope that the Church is progressive, caring and inclusive in these matters, but we’ll see what happens. Unfortunately there were some protesters outside the Convention Center when I left at lunchtime. They were waving some incredibly offensive signs – just thoroughly hateful. You end up feeling both sorry for and repulsed by these folks, and it’s affirming to be with the tens of thousands of Episcopalians who live their lives in a loving and caring manner.