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toby at six months

Monday, July 28th, 2003

Emma just called me on her way home from the doctor’s, where Toby had his six month checkup. It was well timed actually, as he’s not been too well over the weekend – very quiet and a bit feverish, and today started getting a bit of a rash. He’s got a virus, nothing too bad but he’ll be a few days till he’s fixed, bless him, and we don’t like seeing him unhappy. He is, however, growing and growing – he’s now 27 inches tall and 18 pounds 8. The doctor says he’s doing great, so Em and I are feeling pleased with how we’re doing.

waaay too much information

Wednesday, July 16th, 2003

A slight gripe we’ve been having with the house over the past few weeks has been that the drain in the bath has been clogged and slow to clear. Over the weekend I got some liquid stuff to clear it out, and it appeared to work for a couple of days, then the damned thing started running slowly again. Not sure what the next step should be – I imagine it’s quite pricey to call a plumber.

Anyway, we were watching Shogun last night, which is being re-run every evening this week on the Hallmark Channel, and is fantastic. I had never seen it before and it’s very impressive. During a commercial break, Em flicked over to QVC as she often does. They were featuring a drain unblocker thing which seems like quite a good idea. One person who called in was extolling its virtues, and said “I had this virus and my toilet was all backed up…” Eeeewwwww. It was amusing watching the polished QVC presenter dealing with this information.

famous toby

Monday, July 7th, 2003

We posted a few more pictures of Toby on his site over the weekend which I hope you enjoy. Now that he’s sitting up it’s a lot of fun to photograph him playing with his blocks. It must have revolutionised his life a bit, as he can play with something for ages without having to hold it up in front of his face. His favorite things at the moment are the labels on toys, which he manipulates for ages at a time, talking quietly almost Gollum-like as he does it: “tisss dada tooosss”. It’s hard to write down, but it’s very cute. Hopefully we’ll have some video to post soon.

His web influence is spreading somewhat as he features on the new St Mark’s Cathedral website. If you look on the header, that’s him seven from the right.


Friday, July 4th, 2003

Happy Independence Day, everyone. I had a bunch of thoughts I wanted to type about the origins of America, especially as there was quite a good write-up of Benjamin Franklin in Time, mentioning how he didn’t like the arrogance of power, and how this current administration seems to be ignoring all of that by overruling states, telling the people what they want rather than listening to what they want, disparaging healthy debate as “unpatriotic” etc etc, but it’s too hot today to think too much or be coherent. Like I’m coherent normally…

So I thought I’d at least put something on about America. A friend of mine at work, Jeff, has been accepted to be in a new reality show on PBS, called the Colonial House, where he’s going to be part of a group who live as if in the 17th century like the original European settlers here. He’s heading off next week and seems quite calm about the whole thing – I’d be nervous as hell. We’re all really proud of him, and can’t wait to see what happens.


Wednesday, July 2nd, 2003

The evening routine now seems to be running around the fact that Toby won’t go down to sleep until sometime between 10 and 10:30. So we’ll do stuff (shopping, watch TV etc) till 9ish, get him into his pyjamas and give him something to eat, then put him down at 10 or so. That’s not to say he’ll always go to sleep then. Especially at the moment with the heat he’s taking a little while to settle down and last night was one of those nights. Emma went off to bed – she’d been woken by him the last couple of nights at 1ish and 5ish so was pretty wiped out – and I stayed with Toby, walking him around a bit. After a while I put him down on his changing table and he shut his eyes immediately. So I kept an eye on him for a minute or two, then transferred him to bed. He settled down no problem, and very cutely smiled and chuckled a bit in his sleep.