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new, improved

Wednesday, February 12th, 2003

Astute readers will note that you no longer get that annoying and frequently slow “splash” screen when accessing The page was only there to gather usage stats, using a service which I never found particularly useful. The server I’m on now has built in usage statistics collection, so no need for any of that previous nonsense. If you’re interested, you can see the stats here. I hope it improves your viewing experience.

how to feel very small indeed

Wednesday, February 12th, 2003

This Washington Post article describes some quite amazing new data about the nature of our universe, and I’m sure it’s quite a feat of scientific achievement. But it makes me feel very small and fleeting. Consider: they reckon the universe will keep on expanding until it eventually reaches nothingness and the universe is 13.7 billion years old (who can even imagine that?). Let’s not even get into the question of how the Big Bang even happened, or what was there beforehand.

It makes my morning seem very insignificant, although I did have a nice start, in that my new coffee machine arrived from QVC yesterday. Finally I have a machine which not only has a thermos jug (so that the brewed coffee is not kept hot on a heating place which always means that it tastes burned after about 20 minutes) but also grinds the beans for me before brewing – much less hassle and spills and time taken, plus it tastes fantastic. A small but surprisingly important improvement in my life.

more pics

Tuesday, February 11th, 2003

I got round to scanning a bunch of those black and white pictures in – you can see them here and here. Also I’ve created an index page for all of Toby’s pictures, which is located here. I think they’re darned cute, but then I would say that, wouldn’t I?I’m beginning to understand parents who drone on and on about how wonderful their children are. Stop me if I’m getting boring (too late – Ed), but in my defense a lot of these posts are to respond to family members clamoring (probably “clamouring” because they’re British) for pictures.

a bit of video

Tuesday, February 11th, 2003

Our friend Paul lent us his digital camcorder while we were in hospital for Toby’s birth, and we’ve just got the video put together and on the web. If you have broadband or a healthy amount of patience, you can see it here. It’s interesting to see already because he’s changed quite a bit. He’s certainly much more alert than when he was a day old, which is fair enough I suppose.

We got some black and white pictures developed over the weekend which are fantastic. When I have the time to scan them in I’ll post them too. On the way back from the mall, where we got the photos done, we had a slightly traumatic trip. It was the first time that Toby had been crying in the car, and of course there was nothing much we could do. He was yelling away, but we were on the highway so couldn’t really stop. After a couple of minutes which felt like hours he calmed down and was just fine, but it wasn’t a bundle of fun.

kinda sore

Thursday, February 6th, 2003

It’s finally gotten around to snowing here – we’d had quite a cold winter so far but none of the white stuff that normally comes down this time of year. But last weekend we had a good few inches of wet snow so I discovered the joys of shoveling my own path and sidewalks. Sidewalks plural because our house is on a corner, so I have to clear the snow on both sides (and also make sure there’s a clear path to the road at the bus stop). It’s quite exhausting but a very good workout, and I’m fairly feeling the burn today. I guess that’s good for me though.

our own American

Wednesday, February 5th, 2003

One of the interesting things about Toby is of course that he’s a different nationality than Emma and me. I’m curious to see how this plays out in the future, but yesterday we had a bit of fun with one aspect – getting his passport, as we’re taking him over to England in March. It was a bit more stressful than we expected, as he was being rather grumpy for the first time, so there was a bit of yelling in the service center. When it came to photograph time he was crying quite a bit, and we decided after a couple of shots of him being bright red with wide open mouth that we should give him some lunch to calm him down. So the actual picture we’re using is of him slumped over almost asleep, looking kind of drunk.

The application form was amusing too – for height we wrote “22 inches”, and despite one woman at the office saying that we should write “Is cute”, I listed his occupation as “Infant”. Maybe “eat, sleep, excrete, repeat” would be more accurate.