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new life

Friday, January 31st, 2003

On Saturday Jan 25, 2003 at 11:07 am, Toby Alexander Mogendorff came into the world. Emma had a relatively easy delivery – drug free – and is very proud of herself. Only hitch came the next day when she got 24 hour flu, but fortunately we were still in the hospital so were very well taken care of. It would have been terrifying if we’d been at home.

Toby is doing just great, he’s absolutely wonderful. We’ve been out and about a couple of times, once to the mall, and yesterday to get his birth certificate and show him off to my co-workers. He was very well behaved both times. You can see a few pictures of him at two hours old here.

end of an era

Monday, January 13th, 2003

Last week I heard that an old family friend, Lady Hilda Morton, had died aged 101. I knew her all the time I was growing up, she always took an interest in my mother and therefore in me and my brothers. And she loved to look after people – she would regularly hold coffee mornings in her house in Edinburgh for 60 people or more, doing all the work herself. Also she held a big dinner party for me the night before Emma and I got married. These things are probably what kept her going for so long. Here’s an article from the BBC about her, from a couple of years ago.

elvis arrived in a rocket ship

Tuesday, January 7th, 2003

A spin-off of our current project at work is that the guys are having a mustache competition, in honor of one of the guys who always has a neatly groomed upper lip. So for a laugh I’m taking part. For two weeks we all have to grow a full beard, and shave everything except the mustache on judging day. Fortunately people are noticing that my beard is growing, I think it’s the longest time I’ve ever gone without shaving and I was worried that it would be very patchy and teenage. I’m also surprised at how much I like having a beard (so far) – I wonder if I’ll end up keeping it?


Friday, January 3rd, 2003

I’m back after a long time away from the blog. Lots and lots going on, which I know I should have written about but hadn’t. A suprising number (more than two) of people asked what was going on – I didn’t know that anyone actually read this!

So, quick recap. We’re happily ensconsed in our house, lots of decorating has happened and it’s great, we love it. Work is very busy but good, we’re doing good stuff and although it’s kind of exhausting I think I’m enjoying it. Emma’s doing very well, we’re now 38 weeks pregnant which is a bit surreal but very exciting. She’s still working and generally feeling much better than she expected. Christmas was fun, very low stress, we had some friends over for the day which we enjoyed. Lots of singing in the run up to Christmas which was quite lucrative.

We had a checkup with the midwife (I say “we” – I mean “Emma”) this morning which went well. I think things are starting to move slowly which is good. Our friends Paul and Claire just had their second baby, a v cute little boy called Sam, and that’s making me very excited about meeting our little person. We’re also looking forward to Emma’s parents coming here later this month, my mum coming in February and my dad in April. The hope is for the baby to arrive a bit before guests come so that we have some time go get to know each other, but of course there’s not a whole lot we can do about that, apart from maybe spicy food and walking (which are both supposed to help induce labor). I’ve also heard that full moons and changes in weather can help, apparently because of change in atmospheric pressure. But we’ll see and of course I’ll do my best to do more posting here.