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making me happy

Monday, July 1st, 2002

Thing #1: last week I used the power of to cut $500 a year off my car insurance, and to cut a bunch of money of my monthly long distance phone bill. Which cheers me up.

Thing #2: I’m listening to The Last Broadcast by England’s own Doves which my brother David sent me as a thank you for looking after him a couple of weeks ago when he visited. A nice present – I hadn’t heard the CD before but it’s good stuff indeed.

bit by bit

Monday, July 1st, 2002

Each day (and my apologies if this sounds trite) I try to do a thing or two to make the world a little better. Today you, my readers, are the beneficiaries of this.

You’ll notice a lack of ads and popups on this page – I’ve moved everything to a new server kindly hosted by my friend Paul. Also I’ve just updated the commenting system to enetation which I’m hoping will be more pleasant than the last system (and also means that I can delete naughty comments from ne’er-do-wells).