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gnice gnashers

Tuesday, April 16th, 2002

I visited the dentist yesterday for my six-month checkup. Once again a clean bill of health, which means that if nothing goes wrong I should make it to my 30th birthday (June 10, seeing as you asked) with no cavities or fillings.

wot a scorcher

Monday, April 15th, 2002

Apparently it’s 88�F outside (31�C). The weekend was also beautiful – warm during the day with thunderstorms at night, so the grass is finally getting green and it’s feeling like the world is waking up a bit. It’s hard to believe that exactly two weeks ago we had a foot of snow.

On Friday night I was invited to my friend Scott’s for a barbecue – first of the year. It was wonderful to sit outside and chew the fat and the protein, as everyone spoke about how nice it was to have good weather. However I must say that sometimes I find hot, sunny days kind of stressful as there becomes such an emphasis on getting out and making the most of it and you feel like you’ve failed if you end up having to work, or clean the house or whatever. I’m guessing that if I lived somewhere which was hot all the time it wouldn’t be such an issue. Maybe one day…

more mogendorff online

Friday, April 12th, 2002

I was just on Google, checking vainly that I am the top Andrew Mogendorff in the world (try doing a search for my name and you’ll see that it’s true). One new link I hadn’t seen before was this one – Ed’s Stratego Site – The Stratego Message Board – Section 3. I hadn’t heard of Stratego before but it seems that it’s related to a board game we used to play at home called L’Attaque – you have army pieces who can move in different ways and challenge each other based on their rankings, kind of like a secretive version of chess as the other player can’t see the rank of the piece they’re attacking if I remember correctly.

Anyway, if you go to that web page, try doing a search for Mogendorff. They’re a bit disparaging about a certain Jacques Johan Mogendorff, basically making out that he nicked the idea for L’Attaque and patented it as Stratego. I wonder if he’s related to me, and if the story is true I have to admire his entrepreneurial spirit – if you don’t want people “stealing” your ideas, make sure you have them covered.

sweet old things

Friday, April 12th, 2002

This morning on my way to work I saw an old couple walking towards downtown, the same route as me. I see them most days – about three mornings a week. They look to be in their late 70s, he is often carrying her bag for her and they’re always holding hands. As I walked by them this morning I heard that they were speaking Russian and it made me wonder about how long they’ve been here, what it was like where they used to live and how they came over. I hope they’re happy – it’s very heartwarming to see people that age who presumably have been together for most of their lives and still care so much for each other.

vesting for the vestry

Tuesday, April 9th, 2002

If you click here you can see my ugly mug in the St Mark’s Cathedral monthly magazine. I’ve been asked to be on the vestry (kind of the executive committee of the place) which is quite an honor. I seem to have been getting more and more involved in things there (you can read in the link what I’ve been doing) and it’s really gratifying to be a part of such an important place. Plus conveniently we live almost next door.

out of control

Wednesday, April 3rd, 2002

A few years ago I was lucky enough to visit Israel on a tour with the Royal Scottish National Orchestra Chorus (RSNOC) for a couple of weeks over Christmas. We did some singing – a couple of concerts in Jerusalem and a BBC Christmas morning broadcast from the University of Bethlehem – and got to tour around also, taking in Tel Aviv, Nazareth, the Dead Sea and a few other places.

So I’m finding it heartbreaking to be reading and hearing about Bethlehem’s Manger Square and the Church of the Holy Nativity becoming a war zone as everything’s getting so out of hand in Israel and Palestine. While I was there things were picking up, with hotels being built in Bethlehem and people starting to live alongside each other. One thing I’ll always remember was on Christmas day visiting the Church of the Holy Nativity (not totally pleasant due to the crush of all the tourists, but I guess at least there were tourists) and leaving the church to the sound of the Call to Prayer from the mosque across the square – quite magical to have so many cultures right next to each other.

And while I’m no politician or philosopher, it strikes me that people are basically after the same things – safety, dignity, security and freedom – and this is never going to happen through violent means. I have no idea if it’s possible, but one or both of the sides is going to have to stop what they’re doing and encourage dialog. The constant backlash of attacks is only going to make things worse and worse.

snow joke, etc etc

Monday, April 1st, 2002

Well, it’s snowing this morning, the first day of April. So of course hilarious headlines ensue: Snow moves in — and drivers find it’s no joke. Reading the article, it once again makes me glad that I can walk to work, even though I had the snow blowing in my face the whole way.