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shameless commerce

Friday, August 3rd, 2001

I’m back in the office today, lots and lots to do, catching up with things from yesterday. It’s kind of fun though and nice to see everyone.

I’ve also had some ideas for this weblog, including adding an about page (see the lefthand side for a link) and in a fit of entrepreneurial something or other, I’ve added a link to, as you’ll see from the unobtrusive graphic to your left. I must deserve it, as I managed to spell entrepreneurial correctly first time. I’ll do my best to use this to let you know about any good books I’m reading, CDs I’m listening to, etc etc.

As a matter of fact, I spent a nice part of yesterday reading Thank You and OK! : An American Zen Failure in Japan. It’s an excellent book at any time, but as it’s very soothing and contemplative it’s ideal if you’re not feeling quite right. I’d never read much about Zen, but over the last little while have heard more and more about it, and liked at least the basic ideas of calmness, consideration and contemplation. I know that there’s a Zen center here in Minneapolis, so who knows, maybe I’ll go along and take a look one day. Plus the book’s interesting to me as he describes being a gaijin (foreigner) in Japan – I spent a couple of weeks there in 1999 visiting my friend Andy who had been there for about four years, and is still there. The pictures of Japanese culture were very familiar to me, even from that short trip, as are the comedies and frustrations of moving country, as I did from Scotland to America. I have no idea how I’d have coped with a whole different language.

home alone

Thursday, August 2nd, 2001

I’m off work sick today for the first time in ages – this isn’t like me. I’ve had some kind of sore throat and stuff for the last couple of weeks, and was just fed up of being useless at work, so a day of recuperation is in order. It was excellent to get a good night’s (and morning’s) sleep.

Now I’m taking it easy, catching up on paying bills etc, having been introduced to some of the delights of daytime TV by Emma. Game Show Network’s surprisingly fun, and also surprisingly interesting, a good view into 50s, 60s and 70s culture. I particularly enjoyed Passwords where a new female contestant came on – first question from the host, “What does your husband do?”.

Hot hot hot

Wednesday, August 1st, 2001

Wow it’s been hot. After the heat warning I posted yesteday, it seems that even at 3am it was 86°F. No wonder I slept badly. This morning it’s still over 80, and pouring with rain, so really nice and humid. I believe it’s going to cool off soon, fingers crossed.

Some very sad news this morning – one of the Minnesota Vikings team died from heat exhaustion at their training camp yesterday. I’m glad I took it easy walking home yesteday.