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at last

Tuesday, November 7th, 2006

At last it’s Election Day and hopefully soon the dust will clear and the bickering will stop etc… Readers of this blog will know my political leanings, but I’ve tried not to go on and on and on and on about it. It’s a tad frustrating not being able to vote myself, but that’s what I get for not being a citizen.


Friday, October 27th, 2006

My friend Robin posted a comment in response to my take on the British Airways ruling about the woman being asked to remove or cover up the cross emblem she was wearing. Robin quoted George Galloway’s response, and provided a story link where you can see the quote in full. As usual Galloway getting the facts wrong.

He said that this is very insensitive “at this sensitive time when blood is boiling everywhere, when women are being attacked in streets and mosques are being attacked and firebombed.” I’m not totally sure, unless you happen to be a politician pandering to a group of people, what mosques have to do with this whole thing. And of course that particular religion’s record on women’s rights is so well understood.

Galloway continues, “No Muslim would ever complain about a Christian wearing a cross.” Except, of course if they were in Saudi Arabia, or several other countries in that part of the world.

Another quote in that story:

John Andrews, communications officer for the Diocese of Bath and Wells, said: “I think BA are being extremely offensive to members of the Christian faith.”

He continued: “It would be a great shame if Christians are prevented from demonstrating their own faith. It is a basic human right.

Maybe, but as mentioned before it is quite possible and in fact maybe even preferable to show your Christianity by being a good Christian which does not involve displaying symbols of your belief. And another quote:

Anglican Communion press officer Canon James Rosenthal said crosses adorn churches around the world and “many Christians find wearing or carrying a cross something very important to them” [my emphasis].

So, then, carry the cross emblem – you don’t have to be displaying it.

On a lighter note, one commenter on the story’s website pointed out that if Jesus came back he might not want to see crosses everywhere, what with the associations for him and all.


Sunday, October 8th, 2006

Bizzare to see a friend of mine appear on the front page of the BBC News. It’s not the most exciting story ever but kind of funny.


Thursday, September 28th, 2006

Two stories in the Washington post worthy of note today: firstly, Heralded Iraq Police Academy a ‘Disaster’. Unfortunately they’re not talking about a remake of the “classic” 80s comedies, it’s grim reading.

Also Congress blasts HP tactics. This is to do with the fact that Hewlett Packard executives had their phones and other communication monitored by the company in order to find out who was leaking stories to the press. Or something (here’s a timeline). The reason I’m noting it is that HP testifying to Congress, who are all up in arms about the awfulness of unauthorized wiretapping, when in fact that’s exactly what they’re suggesting the National Security Agency does to, potentially, every person in the country.

lucky us

Wednesday, September 27th, 2006

Mmm, lots of Republicans will be coming to the Twin Cities in 2008 for the GOP Convention (for non-Americans, GOP stands for Grand Old Party, a bit of a misnomer these days in my opinion). I guess it’s good publicity for the Cities and a revenue draw, so we’ll have to just deal with our souls being tainted with pure evil for a few days.

little democrat

Wednesday, September 27th, 2006

From an adwords link in gmail, this link: Why Mommy is a Democrat. Sample pages makes it look kind of trite and a bit brainwashy but it’s better than brainwashing with “family values” I think.


Wednesday, August 23rd, 2006

Ah, the liberal media. Our local paper had the following two headlines suspiciously close together yesterday:

Bush lands in Twin Cities [referring to the President's visit to fundraise for a particularly evil right-wing Republican senatorial candidate]

next to:

Fumes send 19 MSP airport workers to hospitals

just … weird

Thursday, July 20th, 2006

The whole thing about the President giving an impromtu neck/shoulder massage to the German Chancellor at the G-8 summit is just so very strange as to defy belief. The Daily Show had a bit on it last night – Emma asked firstly whether Bush would have done this to a male head of state, and secondly whether there’s a White House or kind of World Leader HR rep Chancellor Merkel could have called.

Merkel’s reaction is quite a sight too, and I just saw a photo which likens Bush’s action and her reaction to another famous neck maneouver. Also I wonder if Bush was tempted to say “Whoa, this kitten’s got claws!”

what really happens

Monday, July 17th, 2006

I’ve been subscribing to the Chicago Tribune’s news blog, the Swamp, for a few months now. It’s often an interesting read because it does pretty good analysis of the stories behind the news, including what it’s like to be a reporter in an overseas trip. Here’s a dispatch from the G-8 summit with some cool photos of where the press corps are stationed.

One eyebrow-raising event is captured here – a discussion between Bush and Blair where we’re not sure if they knew the microphone was live. The chat is a bit halting but it’s quite a revealing view into the back and forth.

respect for tony

Friday, May 26th, 2006

Tony Blair is in Washington DC right now, and gave a press conference with George W yesterday. In the elevator this morning I heard a couple of guys commenting on it. One of the guys said how it’s amazing how articulate Blair is, and that it really shows up George Bush. Here’s what Bush himself had to say

I learned some lessons about expressing myself maybe in a little more sophisticated manner, you know

Of course Blair is not popular in the UK (although considerably more popular than Bush is here, which again puts things in perspective) but you Brits reading this, remember: you could have it much, much worse.