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five glorious years

Wednesday, July 19th, 2006

It’s been almost exactly five years since I started this blog – by something of a coincidence today I got a call from a reporter at the local daily paper to interview me about my blog. He was basically trying to ask in the nicest possible way why I would keep doing this when not many people read it (about 70 visitors a day on average) and a fair number of the entries aren’t that interesting – his example being my post from Austin, TX where I thrillingly reported that I was quite tired after a busy day so just had a bowl of soup and watched a movie in my hotel room. I explained that it’s really mostly a diary which other people can see, and that it’s about 50% for me, 35% for family and friends, and 15% for people to stumble on – I think I’ve noted here that each month about 10 people find it by googling “toddler stammer” for example.

So if he likes what I said it should be in the paper on Sunday or Monday. I’ll have to alert the web hosting people in anticipation of the literally tens more people who might visit this page.

site feed fixed

Wednesday, April 6th, 2005

I don’t know exactly what was wrong before, but the site feed is finally fixed. If you’re using Firefox, you should see the little site feed icon on the status bar, and you can use that to add the feed to your bookmarks. Otherwise you can get the feed at The “site feed” link at the bottom of the page works too.

new stuff

Saturday, April 2nd, 2005

You may notice a different address in the title bar. That’s because I’ve finally got this on a real server. I hope it makes things a little easier to navigate.

I’ve also just put a whole load of new Toby photos up. We (Emma and I) used iPhoto for the first time to get the photos all together and captioned. Again, I hope that the navigation is OK. And of course that you like the pictures themselves.

Finally, a little Toby story. He’s pretty good about saying thank you to people, even if they’re not around. For example if he’s playing with someone’s toys, and you say, “please say thank you for using n’s toys” he’ll say “Thank you, n!”. Tonight we had Chinese food for supper. Afterwards while he was taking a bath, I asked Toby if he enjoyed his food, and told him that it was Chinese food. He said “Thanks, Chinee!”.

new, improved

Wednesday, February 12th, 2003

Astute readers will note that you no longer get that annoying and frequently slow “splash” screen when accessing The page was only there to gather usage stats, using a service which I never found particularly useful. The server I’m on now has built in usage statistics collection, so no need for any of that previous nonsense. If you’re interested, you can see the stats here. I hope it improves your viewing experience.


Wednesday, October 10th, 2001

I may have finally arrived as a real internet entity – if you search for “andrew mogendorff” in Google you will find this site coming out on top! Hurrah. I exist.