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Monday, November 5th, 2007

Toby is currently trying to learn how to tell jokes. Unfortunately, being four and a half, he doesn’t really get the concept. Around Halloween time we tried to teach him “What is a Vampire’s favorite fruit? A NECKtarine!” but although he would repeat it I don’t think he quite got it.

Last night I did a barbecue (possibly the last of the year as it’s getting quite cold now) and did bison steaks – delicious – and found that amazingly my dad had never heard the joke “What’s the difference between a buffalo and a bison? You can’t wash your hands in a buffalo”. Toby tried to add some jokes of his own: “What if a door could walk? Um…” “What if curtains could move? The windows would get broken”. Etc. I think this is a development stage we have to go through (he does have a great sense of humor when it comes to slapstick) and in a few months we might start to get somewhere amusing. I hope.


Wednesday, October 31st, 2007

Both Toby and Dara got dressed up for Hallowe’en today. Toby was a Jedi – of course Toby Wan Kenobi. For Dara, Emma got (and slightly altered) a Princess Leia outfit. Here are some pics, for your enjoyment (click on a picture to embiggen):

Princess Dara Toby Wan Kenobi Toby and Dara


Tuesday, October 23rd, 2007

I was up with Dara till about midnight last night, and she woke again at about 5:30am. This is actually pretty darned good for a newborn, but it’s a tad tiring for parents – at that time it’s not really worth going back to sleep after you have fed the baby, so I stayed up and decided to take Toby into school on the bus. We got to school about 7:45, just as the sky was starting to lighten – the clouds were pink and it looked great. Toby said “Wow, look at that sunset!” I said that it was actually a sunrise because the sun was coming up, so he modified his exclamation to “Wow, look at that sunrise-set!”

new toby and dara photos

Sunday, October 14th, 2007

Just posted a bunch of new pics here. Hope you like them!


Saturday, October 13th, 2007

It’s a beautiful fall day today, temp in the low 60s with the first sunshine in about a week. We went over to Lake Calhoun to play a bit of soccer and generally hang around outside – fantastic.

After we were done with kicking the ball around, Toby was bouncing around where the three of us (me, Emma and Dara) were sitting, and pretty much out of the blue said, “Mummy, I think you should throw your womb away.” Emma said (as you would), “Um, why do you think I should do that?” Toby replied, “Because wombs just keep on growing babies, like all the time. That’s what they keep doing, and we don’t want another baby.” This doesn’t mean that he doesn’t like Dara, or being a big brother – he’s totally loving it, to the extent that at dinner tonight he even made good on his previous prediction that once he was a big brother he would like salad (he tried two small lettuce leaves).

In fact, at dinner, he said that when Dara is up to his chest we should have another baby. When we pointed out that this contradicted what he had said before, he laughed in a slightly offhand manner and said “Aw, guys, I was just kidding you.”

toby wisdom

Tuesday, October 9th, 2007

With being a big brother now, Toby is fascinated by the fact that my brother Robin, who is currently visiting and who also is my youngest brother, is a little brother. Hence the following questions Toby asked in the car:

“Uncle Robin, why are you able to live on your own even you are a little brother?”

“Uncle Robin, are you the smallest brother in the world?”

“Uncle Robin, are you also a little uncle?”

Also on the way home this afternoon from a great trip to the Minnesota Arboretum (fantastic place to visit by the way) we were discussing the height of buildings in downtown Minneapolis. Toby confidently said “The tallest building in all the world is the Vampire State Building.”

more dara pictures

Saturday, September 22nd, 2007

I’m sure the number of pics will dwindle in time, but today we got quite a few. Part of the reason for this is that it was the first time we took advantage of Dara’s awake time to show her some toys (rather than just talking to her) and also because it was the first time we let Toby hold her, something which she seemed to like and he was just thrilled about. He’s been waiting to be a big brother for a very long time. Here are the pictures, hope you like them.

Also: reader inquiry. I’m trying to think what to do about the subdomain for now, because I think a lot of our upcoming pictures are going to be of both Toby and Dara, and I don’t want to have to post stuff to both and Anyone have any ideas as to what the best solution would be?

first dara mogendorff pictures

Friday, September 21st, 2007

We went home from the hospital last night, after just over 24 hours. Everyone was feeling great, so after waiting out a rather severe thunderstorm we decided that we would get much better rest at home, and I think that turned out to be the case. The only slight worry was that Dara wasn’t really nursing properly, but we were advised that we could use a little formula in a cup and have her sip from that, and that she would catch on with the nursing thing. This seems to be the case – she ate well from the cup a couple of times in the night, and this morning she really seemed to be getting the hang of nursing.

Anyway, I just posted up some first pictures – hope you like them. Also Emma put a comment on the last post about Dara’s name: Dara come from both Hebrew and Gaelic – it means “compassion” or “wisdom”. Christiane is for two of Emma’s great-grandmothers: Christina Sutton and Ethel Christian. (preferred pronunciation is a condensed Krischan rather than Christi-anne).

Toby is doing great with all of this so far, he was very happy to meet Dara, and very excited to tell his friends at school the good news. We’re lucky that he’s sleeping through the night, and didn’t get woken up by her crying last night (not that she’s crying a whole lot, but it’s a good sign). I also just got round to putting up some pictures of him from last month – you’ll see how big he suddenly seems now that we have Dara!

words of wisdom from toby

Monday, September 10th, 2007

Some sayings from Toby over the weekend:

When discussing the gifts from my team at work I mentioned how flattered I was that they would do something like that. Toby said “But I don’t want our house to be squashed. It should not be flattened.”

When discussing the baby (any day now, hopefully) Toby said “When the baby sees my cool bedroom it will just like freak out.”

While driving to school/work this morning, we passed a McDonalds – Toby said “I really, really don’t want to go to McDonalds.” We asked him why not – he said “Because I want to stay healthy!” Score 10 points for good parenting!

toby’s school show

Tuesday, September 4th, 2007

We went to Toby’s school show a couple of weeks ago, and I was one of the many dads wielding a camcorder. Here’s a video of the results – I think it came out pretty well.

Bonus Toby info: tonight Emma was talking to him and mentioned how handsome he is. He asked exactly how handsome, she said that he was as handsome as his dad (poor guy). His response: “Really? Wow, that’s awesome, mom!”