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pictures from christmas

Tuesday, January 8th, 2008

Just doing some geekery – trying to get the PC upstairs to work (Windows keeps freezing and I have no idea why – at the moment it’s almost completely unusable, and even re-installing doesn’t seem to be working); upgrading WordPress for this blog to keep it clean and fresh; and posting up pics of Toby and Dara. Here are the pictures – enjoy!

tech kid

Wednesday, December 26th, 2007

I’m very happy that Toby and Dara got me an excellent iPod speaker system for Christmas, which means that I can listen to music in the kitchen, or indeed anywhere else because it has a built in rechargeable battery.

While I was making Christmas dinner last night I had music on, and Toby came through to hang out and listen. One of the songs he particularly enjoyed and wanted to hear again. I don’t think he’s ever used the control dial on an iPod before, but within 5 seconds he had worked out how to replay the song. Kids today…

poor toby

Friday, December 21st, 2007

I had to take the day off today with Toby – he had a great day at school yesterday but just kind of crumpled in the evening. It turned out that he had a fever of 102F (Emma worked out how to get the thermometer to read in F; I think Toby had somehow reprogrammed it to C and we can’t remember what a normal temp should be in Celsius). Anyway, he wasn’t doing too well but some medicine seemed to help.

He slept for 13 hours last night, and has been mostly OK today, a bit quiet but perky too. Around 3:30 he went really pale and started yawning non-stop so I suggested a nap, either on the sofa or in his bed. He opted for the latter, saying “That’s the greatest place of all.” I could tell he wasn’t right when I offered him a cookie and he turned it down – most unlike him, it’s like when I get sick and don’t even want a beer.

I guess today is one of those things about being a parent – when there’s a lot going on at work you feel a bit strange taking time off, but I am entitled to do this under my contract, plus I’ve been checking mail every couple of hours, and had a call with my team while Toby was watching a movie after lunch. Also it’s just been a real pleasure to hang out with him, he’s just a great person to be with.

toby and dara domain

Monday, December 10th, 2007

Finally – now set up: For all your Toby and Dara Mogendorff needs (um, mostly photos), go to…. today!


Monday, December 10th, 2007

This conversation happened in the car on the way home from swimming class tonight, between Emma and a boy who is having issues remembering the difference between Moses and Jesus (something to do with being a baby in a basket/manger):

Toby: So… How do you live with God?
Emma: What do you mean?
Toby: How do you live with God?
Emma: What – I don’t understand the question.
Toby: I mean: how do you live with God?
Emma: In… In what way?
Toby: In a dead way

for charity

Friday, December 7th, 2007

This morning Toby and the other kids in his class were at the atrium of the IDS Center in downtown Minneapolis doing charity work – specifically ringing bells to get people to put money in the collection bucket for the Salvation Army.

I went over to see them (it’s less than 2 blocks from my office so it would have been pretty pathetic not to) – it was great to see how much fun they were having, and also how many people responded to them and gave money. I took a few pictures too; unfortunately most of them didn’t come out too well, except this one of Toby and his great friend Ben (click on the picture to embiggen):

Toby and Ben


Tuesday, December 4th, 2007

A couple of nights ago Toby asked Emma the following question: when the Egyptian army were chasing the Israel people through the Red Sea and God sent the water to kill them, did they have children who were sad that they were all dead?

Although I’m biased in thinking that he’s a smart kid, I think this is a pretty smart question. Emma, who through her degree has a lot of theological knowledge, was able to acknowledge his question and say that each year at Passover the descendants of the Israelites do remember the Egyptians and their children, because they know that they would have been sad.

One of my friends I mentioned the question to said that at least there weren’t as many children as there had been shortly before, because God had recently done away with all the firstborn of Egypt, so you could glibly argue that this might have helped (but not really of course). It’s a good thing Emma didn’t mention this – as the firstborn of my family this bit of the story used to freak me out when I was a kid, and as a parent it still does.

bermuda pictures

Monday, December 3rd, 2007

Finally, pictures of our Bermuda trip. It’s been so cold in Minneapolis I haven’t been able to stop shivering for long enough to be able to type, let alone use iPhoto. Anyway, I think the pics came out pretty well – here they are


Thursday, November 29th, 2007

I noticed this post about one of Toby’s friends thinking through why people think of a god or gods, which reminded me of a conversation Toby and I had a few weeks ago. I was driving Toby home from his soccer class, and there was a decent thunderstorm going on. Toby made a comment about how god makes the weather, which I thought would lead to an interesting discussion about why he, or other people would think that. He told me that his Sunday school teachers told him that this is how the weather came about, and we also talked about the weather forecast and how it’s possible to learn how weather works and therefore make forecasts. Also he does know the general concept of clouds and rain and how that all goes together. As with Paul’s discussion with his son, we chatted briefly about why people think that god would make things happen, and how sometimes people will investigate how things actually work in order to understand the world around us.

Then yesterday Toby saw the book on my nightstand – the recent biography of Albert Einstein. He (Toby) asked who the man on the cover was, and we had a little chat about how he was a very famous scientist and he was really good at asking how things work and what they are made of.

It’s an interesting time with Toby – in some ways he’s very strong on personifying things he can’t quite grasp (which you could argue is a simplified religious leaning) and in others, like lots of other kids his age, he is very good at asking why (which leads to a good scientific way of thinking, like why is the sky blue, or why do we not fall off the earth).

in toby’s head

Tuesday, November 27th, 2007

Our friend Arwen is visiting from England for a few days. She came along to Toby’s swimming class last night, and on the way there he was talking and talking to her about all kinds of things which are important to boys who are almost five: dinosaurs, sharks, space rockets, superheroes etc, in no particular order and at considerable speed, with every other sentence starting with “and do you know what?”

After some time of this, and a lot of suppressed laughter from the grown-ups, Arwen said “Toby, what is it like inside your head?” The reply: “Well, do you know what? There are lots of pictures spinning around, and a cell in my brain catches a picture and another one clicks on it, and then that is what I decide that I’m going to talk about.”