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dara development

Monday, October 22nd, 2007

Dara is growing like crazy – although obviously she’s still really small compared to Toby she is clearly getting bigger pretty much every day, both longer/taller and pudgier. Her arms and legs are starting to fill out with baby fat, and we’re also noticing that her kicks and arm movements are getting stronger. The only physical way she’s regressing is the hairline – she now has major male pattern baldness, with hair only at the back and sides.

She’s also getting more and more alert – she loves to watch things and people, particularly her big brother. Yesterday Toby watched the Jungle Book on DVD, and Dara seemed quite interested too. She’s also getting better at playing and interacting – we got her a playmat thing on Saturday which has little toys hanging down for her to look at and grab at, and she was happy to be looking at it for a good long time. It also has a little smiling musical star hanging over her head (when she’s lying on her back), and we were sure that we saw her first ever real smile. A little sad that she would smile at plastic, and not at us, but this morning as Emma was getting her ready, Dara gave a huge beaming smile. Very cute – all gummy and happy.

new toby and dara photos

Sunday, October 14th, 2007

Just posted a bunch of new pics here. Hope you like them!

dara update

Friday, September 28th, 2007

A little update on Ms Dara now that it’s been just over a week since she zoomed into the world:

Basically: all doing well.

In detail: she is sleeping fairly well (top priority for parents) doing about 3-4 hours at a stretch during the night. More importantly once she has eaten she’s not fussy and after a good belch tends to go back to sleep quite calmly. We’re told by her doctor that at around 3 weeks this might change as things in her belly start to get more mature, but we’re happy with this right now.

About the eating – she loves her food. When she was born she was 7 pounds 1; a few days later she was 6 pounds 13; at her doctor appointment on Tuesday she was 7 pounds 4, and yesterday she was up at 7 pounds 6. So clearly something’s working. Also the diaper changes are in full gear now, pretty much every time she eats.

It looks like Toby and the cats are dealing with her really well – Toby does like to hold her and play with her; the cats are a bit more aloof but getting more relaxed as far as we can tell. I’m not sure what they think about all the noises she’s making but they’re at least putting up with it.

So to sum up, her typical day is sleep, eat, burp, fart, go to the bathroom, try to work out some things about her surroundings, look confused, repeat. All good life skills for the college years.

more dara pictures

Saturday, September 22nd, 2007

I’m sure the number of pics will dwindle in time, but today we got quite a few. Part of the reason for this is that it was the first time we took advantage of Dara’s awake time to show her some toys (rather than just talking to her) and also because it was the first time we let Toby hold her, something which she seemed to like and he was just thrilled about. He’s been waiting to be a big brother for a very long time. Here are the pictures, hope you like them.

Also: reader inquiry. I’m trying to think what to do about the subdomain for now, because I think a lot of our upcoming pictures are going to be of both Toby and Dara, and I don’t want to have to post stuff to both and Anyone have any ideas as to what the best solution would be?

first dara mogendorff pictures

Friday, September 21st, 2007

We went home from the hospital last night, after just over 24 hours. Everyone was feeling great, so after waiting out a rather severe thunderstorm we decided that we would get much better rest at home, and I think that turned out to be the case. The only slight worry was that Dara wasn’t really nursing properly, but we were advised that we could use a little formula in a cup and have her sip from that, and that she would catch on with the nursing thing. This seems to be the case – she ate well from the cup a couple of times in the night, and this morning she really seemed to be getting the hang of nursing.

Anyway, I just posted up some first pictures – hope you like them. Also Emma put a comment on the last post about Dara’s name: Dara come from both Hebrew and Gaelic – it means “compassion” or “wisdom”. Christiane is for two of Emma’s great-grandmothers: Christina Sutton and Ethel Christian. (preferred pronunciation is a condensed Krischan rather than Christi-anne).

Toby is doing great with all of this so far, he was very happy to meet Dara, and very excited to tell his friends at school the good news. We’re lucky that he’s sleeping through the night, and didn’t get woken up by her crying last night (not that she’s crying a whole lot, but it’s a good sign). I also just got round to putting up some pictures of him from last month – you’ll see how big he suddenly seems now that we have Dara!


Thursday, September 20th, 2007

A girl! Please welcome little Dara Christiane Mogendorff to the world – she was born yesterday, September 19 2007 at 4:24pm weighing in at 7 pounds 1 ounce and 20 inches long.

The delivery was quite something. I got a call at work from Emma about 1pm saying that she thought something was going on but I shouldn’t get too excited. Then just after 3 she called again to let me know that the contractions were about 7 minutes apart and fairly intense. She said that I should pick up Toby and get the bus home, but no hurry – fortunately one of my friends at work said that she would drive us home (she has a daughter about Toby’s age, and Toby said it was OK to ride in a pink car seat because it was an exciting emergency).

When I got home Emma was right in the zone, really working with the contractions, focused and breathing really deeply. I got her down to the car but even in that time, less than five minutes, the contractions were starting to come faster and faster. Thank goodness it wasn’t yet rush hour and the traffic wasn’t too heavy – while I was driving I left Emma to it, she was really doing her thing and breathing so well, but the contractions were really coming in waves with not much of a break between.

At the hospital emergency door I was parking the car when we saw Toby’s pediatrician walk by as he was finishing his shift. He said hi and asked how we were – even though he’s a pretty mellow guy he immediately went to get a wheelchair for Emma and told me that he would take care of parking the car for us (someone said that valet parking from a pediatrician is quite a perk). A nurse from the birthing center came zooming along to get us, although it felt like a long time in the ER admitting room with Emma saying that she had to push and that the baby was coming.

The nurse ran us through the hospital – it was just like in a movie as we shouted “Hold that elevator! Out of our way!”, and pretty exciting, in a freaky kind of way. Once we got up to the birthing center we ran through to the triage room and the midwife and a couple of other nurses appeared. We immediately got Emma on to the bed, and took off her shoes, jeans and underwear. Right away she pushed and the water broke, then about 20 seconds later she pushed again (with a big yell) and the baby came out. It was really that quick.

Emma coped with it incredibly well. She didn’t seem in much pain at any point, mostly just very focused, and she said that the cramping afterwards was actually more painful. As soon as Dara came, Emma just wanted to know if she was a girl or boy.

Dara’s very sweet, everyone who meets her says she’s got beautiful long eyelashes, and she also has very elegant fingernails. We’re just very pleased to have a little baby girl in our family.