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Friday, July 11th, 2008

Back in town after vacation and hiatus and time off all together. We got back to Minneapolis yesterday early evening and were wowed by how beautiful our front garden looked – lilies and everything in bloom – and how many weeds we have to wrastle to the ground this weekend. The kids were fantastically well behaved on the plane (several people told us, so it’s unbiased reporting) and apart from us being woken up by a massive thunderstorm last night, they did pretty well getting home and going to sleep. Dara being almost 10 months is physically compelled to sit or stand up at every single opportunity – we had several rounds of putting her in her bed, only to turn away and find that she had popped up and was sleepily holding on to the bars of her crib, even though she could hardly keep her eyes open.

no good can come of this

Thursday, June 12th, 2008

Tonight Dara finally got the hang of crawling forwards. I say finally – she is still a week away from being nine months old, but it has been a long project and a lot of work for her as she has learned how to flop over from a sitting position, then spin around, and for the last few weeks has been able to scoot backwards. This new skill has been in her head the whole time as she has been trying to grab toys and also go after Toby. I think a lot of this coming weekend is going to be spent chasing after her, tidying Toby’s toys and re-installing the baby gates. Our lives are about to change again.

Next steps for Dara: learning to talk, answering back, learning to drive, dating. Our little girl is growing up fast.

new pics

Saturday, May 24th, 2008

Just posted up a new batch of pictures – hope you like them.

gourmet baby

Tuesday, May 13th, 2008

Dara seems to have decided that being almost 8 months old means that she can eat grown up food all the time, or at least when grown ups are eating (she still is very happy with baby food when we’re not eating too). So on Saturday she tried and really enjoyed a little roast chicken and a lot of roasted parsnips, on Sunday she ate loads of aromatically flavored couscous, and tonight she had a whole lot of pasta with pesto (although now I’m typing this I’m realizing that the pine nuts in the pesto may not have been ideal from an allergy point of view, but balance that against developing her palate).

She’s also following in her brother’s footsteps by enjoying some banana before bed. Toby has eaten a banana before retiring almost every night since he was about 9 months old, at which time a banana would be about as long as his arm. Last night he only ate half, and Dara ate the rest, chomping off huge chunks and grunting happily while she chewed.

the buffet

Sunday, May 4th, 2008

Toby and Silje at Old Country BuffetYesterday was Toby’s friend Silje’s birthday, and to celebrate we were invited to join them at her favorite restaurant, Old Country Buffet. For the uninitiated, this place is seen as either being really kitsch, or really gross, or just amazing people-watching, if you like watching professionally obese people. The thing is it’s actually quite fun and pretty helpful if you’re there with kids, because they get to choose lots of different foods and they don’t necessarily have to have their finest dining table manners, and the food’s always a bit better than you think it’s going to be. Emma having a coffee at Old Country Buffet

Anyway we had a really good time – we were there for a good couple of hours (and no we weren’t re-visiting the buffet that whole time). Toby got Silje a ladybug kite, which she seemed to like a lot, and Dara enjoyed trying mashed potatoes and real, non-mashed up green beans.Dara enjoying a cracker at dinner

new child photos

Saturday, May 3rd, 2008

Just posted up a crop of new pics of Toby and Dara, taken with my fantastic new camera. I particularly like the one of story time:

Toby and Dara at Story time

education news

Friday, April 11th, 2008

Big congratulations to both Emma and Toby today. Emma because she just found out the grade from her most recent class in her Masters program at the College of St. Catherine – yet another A. This means that in each of the eight classes she’s taken so far, it’s been straight As. Pretty impressive. And as you’ll see from the course description, it’s not easy-looking.

Congratulations to Toby too – we found out today that he has been accepted to our excellent local school – Whittier International – when he starts kindergarten in September. We had applied a couple of months ago, but there are no guarantees for which one you get. Whittier is apparently a very good place, so we’re excited for him and a little relieved. Although it drives it home to us that he’s growing up.

As for Dara – doing great. Sitting, using her hands, lots of laughter and more and more copying other people. At her 6 month checkup a couple of weeks ago she was 15 pounds 12 ounces (50th percentile) and 26 inches tall (75th percentile), and her first tooth popped through last week. She’s a lot of fun, although she forced me into a moral quandary today. I was doing an online opinion survey, and during the profile questions at the end there were questions about the people in the household, including some about illnesses and infirmities. One of the questions asked if there was anyone who has trouble getting up and down stairs, and another asked if there was anyone who has difficulty concentrating. I think that Dara probably falls into both of those categories, but I said no because I knew that babies didn’t count.

dara pics

Monday, April 7th, 2008

Just posted up some pictures of Dara at 6 months – here’s the link. Hope you like them.

In other offspring news, I took Toby for his first dental checkup today. He did absolutely great – very confident and happy with being there, and in the rare and short instances when he stopped talking the dentist was able to get a good look at his teeth – surface view and X-ray – and he even let her do some tooth polishing and flossing.

best! thing! ever!

Monday, March 31st, 2008

Yesterday we took Dara shopping. After her riding in the baby sling on Emma’s hip for a while we realized that being six months old and able to sit up she’s old enough to ride in the shopping cart, so we strapped her in, little knowing the extreme volume which would follow. Apparently riding in a shopping cart is the Best Thing Ever if you are a baby – she completely freaked out and sang DA DA DAAA!!! with delight at the top of her voice the whole time, apart from when she was squealing and laughing, and also grinning at all the other people who were smiling at her as we moved through the aisles (and pretty much everyone smiled at her). At one point Emma went to grab something from four aisles from where we were – our little girl was still audible from that far away.

fun at five

Saturday, March 29th, 2008

I wasn’t sure how today was going to work out. Emma had to be at college all day and I had offered to have Toby’s friend Patrick over for a play date and although they get on great together I was concerned that looking after two five year olds and Dara too would be a bit of a handful.

I need not have worried though – we had a totally great day. The boys played with cars and lego and pirate toys all day and Dara got to hang out with me or watch them which was loads of fun for her. Most of the games were so engrossing that I was able to leave them to it for half hour stretches or more so Dara and I could do productive things like test out the new roomba robot vacuum cleaner. The four of us went for a walk to pick up lunch at Common Roots, a local cafe and bagel shop, which on entering the boys started singing bagel bagel bagel to the Jewish dredel song to the amusement of everyone nearby.

Patrick’s parents and two year old sister came over for dinner and we had a great little evening. We’re all pretty wiped out after a long day but hopefully we’ll do it again soon.