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the “right”

Monday, November 8th, 2004

Our Dean at St Mark’s told us on Sunday that the election and its outcome has provided something of a pastoral crisis – he’s been having lots of calls from congregants wanting to talk things through and nervous about how the country’s going and how Christianity fits into the whole mix. Personally I’ve been wondering how “my” version of Christianity and the very rightwing version of Christianity can fit together and come from the same source and be influenced by the same spirit, when it appears to be so much at odds. The only answers I can come up with so far are that 1) I’m wrong about the whole thing, which I don’t think so, partly because I think I have a fair understanding of the Bible, particularly the Gospels and my personal feeling is that if you’re a Christian then what Jesus says should trump pretty much anything else. So loving your neighbor and caring for people is more important than persecuting people, for example. Or 2) the religious Right is in fact wrong, but they do seem remarkably sure of themselves. But are they just money and power-grabbing leaders who are using bigotry to shore up their power and money or what? In which case how do they manage to delude so many people? Maybe it’s by saying again and again how right they are and drowning out people who are actually in the know. Or 3) The whole thing is bogus. Which is maybe the most depressing thought of all three.

great idea

Friday, November 5th, 2004

I think this is a grand idea. It would save Emma, Toby and me having to go to all the trouble of selling our house and renting a truck so that we could move to Canada! Unfortunately there would be lots of good old liberals in the south who would feel kind of dejected. I read An Empire Wilderness by Robert Kaplan a couple of years ago (Emma bought it for me) and it pointed out the many similarities between the West Coast of Canada and of the US; same thing on the East Coast. It almost went as far as suggesting that this continent should have been divided into vertical countries, rather than horizontal.

at last

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2004

Well I guess we know the results now and I must say that I’m not happy that the Reps have the White House, the Senate and Congress. No matter who’s doing it, having one party controlling all three is a recipe for disaster. Plus we have to see blimmin’ Bush on TV for four more years – ugh. Having said that, at least we know and there’s a certain relief now it’s all over (mostly).

So here are my quick thoughts, for what they’re worth:

1) Hopefully this means that the Dems will step back and re-examine who they are and do it right next time

2) Gives me an excuse to look for jobs in Canada, from where we would be able to tsk at those crazy Americans

3) At least Minnesota went for Kerry. My friend Fiona lives in Ohio, where the economy has been hammered by Bush and unemployment is way higher than here. So Fiona, what’s up with that?

4) We get to make “John Kerry – why the long face?” jokes

5) As the Onion points out, at least Kerry gets not to have to be president. Don’t fancy that job much


Tuesday, November 2nd, 2004

Apparently there’s huge turnout for voting today, which I hope hope hope means that there’s a sea change coming.

Toby’s talking is coming on still – obviously, because he has a long way to go to fluency. He was very cute last night – he was sat eating a yoghurt, which he loves, but halfway down the pot he said that he was all done. I went over to help him get the rest of the yoghurt out of the bottom – he was just having problems reaching it with his spoon. After a couple of scoops I said I hoped I wasn’t interfering and was it OK that I was doing this. He said “thank you daddy helping yoghurt”, which was very polite and sweet, and the longest sentence I’ve heard him say.

vote vote vote

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2004

There are lots of people in the office wearing “I Voted” stickers. I should make one for me and other alien friends of mine saying “I pay taxes and I live here and I really care but I can’t vote”. Maybe that’s a bit long-winded. But if you’re reading this and you are eligible to vote and haven’t yet, please go and do so. If you haven’t made up your mind and need a nudge, please consider voting for Kerry-Edwards – I just think that they seem to respect actual people a bit more than the other side. Thanks.


Sunday, October 31st, 2004

We had a great weekend, especially as we managed an almost grown-up Saturday night for the first time in ages. Em and I were planning to go to the zoo‘s IMAX theater to see Harry Potter III but we couldn’t get tickets sorted out and it looked really pricey. So in the end we decided to drop Toby off at the Harris house so that we could go out to Auriga for a fantastic dinner. Wow, it was excellent. Great atmosphere too, and it was nice to be just the two of us. When we collected Toby he seemed to have had a great time, and we very much appreciated Paul and Claire for giving us an evening off.


Thursday, October 28th, 2004

M’brother Robin, who was visiting recently, just posted a whole bunch of photos documenting his trip. Some really nice effects from his camera phone. Enjoy.

help us

Tuesday, October 26th, 2004

I got this link from the Washington Post – it’s from the parody site who found that they were getting lots of incorrectly addressed email for Bush campaigners sent to their site. Some interesting things – scroll most of the way down and look at the comments next to the photo of Bush and his daughter. Then the mail below contains the telling line

There is a great deal of ignorance out here and many counties are violating the campaign law as I understood it from you. God help us if the Democrats find out.

I’m sure they won’t (and hopefully He won’t if they do).

the star wars

Monday, October 25th, 2004

Last week I ordered the newly released Star Wars trilogy on DVD, and over the weekend Em and I watched Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. The remastering is really impressive – sound and picture – very clear and shiny. Here’s some info from the BBC on how it was done. “Respectful and gentle machinery” was used, apparently.

Only major disappointment I had was the addition of a ridiculous and unneccessary song to “Jedi” when they’re in Jabba the Hutt’s lair. It was just nonsense. But apart from that it was outstanding.

family tree

Friday, October 22nd, 2004

If you’re interested, here’s a recently updated version of my family tree, from the Mogendorff side. Some interesting things I think, and some tragic – lots of people are lost in the early 1940s.